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Replacement Parts

If you use dough depositors and want to increase your production range, we offer a new service —manufacturing of custom-made templates.

We offer a variety of template designs and sizes for the production of confections in a variety of shapes. We can also restore worn templates, regardless of how worn they are. It is possible to make custom-made templates based on your technical drawings to fit non-standard modifications.

We offer templates for single-hopper dough depositors, double-hopper dough depositors, auger machines with diaphragm cutting modules, with both wire-cutting modules and nozzles, including ones with rotating mechanisms.

Diaphragm cutting module is a unit that cuts dough pieces off extrusions of dough or candy mass. This unit is put in many depositors, manufactured both in Russia and internationally, domestic and foreign production, such as FIS, Alladin REHON.

When used to process doughs with chunky ingredients, this unit wears out quite quickly, sometimes in 3-6 months.

When it happens, gaps appear between the blades and the diaphragm cutting module does not close completely. This results in defects in the product.

Our company manufactures high-quality diaphragm cutting units quickly and inexpensively. We also provide repair and maintenance services. We can also manufacture custom-made diaphragm cutting units based on your technical drawings to fit non-standard modifications.

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