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Roller Decorating Machines GM 400/600/800

GM 400/600/800 Roller Decorating Machines are designed to apply patterns by trickling glaze on various types of pastries.

GM 400/600/800 Roller Decorating Machines are ideal for:
- various pastries decorated by drizzling with chocolate icing;
- marshmallow, cookies, gingerbread with the bottom coated in chocolate.

Main advantages of GM 400/600/800 Enrobing Machines:
- low power consumption;
- easy to use and reliable;
- a variety of available patterns.
Roller decorating machines can drizzle pastries in different patterns with chocolate coating separately or together with enrobing the bottom in confectionery icing.

Having a unique drive design and computer controlled, the decorating unit can apply up to 6 types of patterns.

The wire belt conveyor can be 250 mm, 400 mm, 600 mm, or 800 mm wide. The tank capacity ranges from 40 to 90 liters respectively.
All modifications of the decorators can be equipped with mixers.

The special design of the heating jacket allows achieving an optimal heating of chocolate. Circulating pumps in combination with a state-of-the-art heating system allow for faster heating up of the decorating machine, thereby saving time. The maximum power consumption when heating up is 3.5 kW, and considerably less when operating.
General description
of GM 400/600/800 Enrobing Machines:
The decorating machine is operated via a controller. The decorating machine can function both in the fixed heating mode and independently temper chocolate in the automatic mode, thus functioning as a tempering kettle.

Tempering chocolate or confectionery icing is a three-stage process: heating it to a temperature of 36-45 °C; cooling it to 28-30 °C; heating it to a working temperature of 30-36 °C.
The temperatures vary depending on the sort of glaze or chocolate and must be indicated on the label of the chocolate or in the accompanying documentation.

The tempering process is very important, because tempered chocolate coats pastries well, hardens quickly, and, when hardened, creates a beautiful glossy finish.
In the standard set of custom controller settings, you can save the settings for glazing (temperature, chocolate flow rate, chocolate tempering mode). If necessary, you can increase the number of user-defined parameters.

Technical specification
of GM 400/600/800 Enrobing Machine:
Output, kg/hr.
Tank capacity, liters
Transporter speed
Working width of the transporter , mm
GM 400/600/800
up to 200
up to 9 m/min

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