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Auger depositor ADD 600 DC

ADD 600 DC Auger Double-Hopper Depositor is ideal for:
- gingerbread with fillings;
- oatmeal cookies with fillings;
- dome-shaped cookies with fillings;
- candy from malleable candy masses (toffee, nougat, fruit masses, rum balls (kartoshka cakes)).

Main advantages of ADD 600 DC Depositor:
- increased production output
- effective diaphragm cutting
- greater product flexibility
- the possibility of injecting a large amount of filling into products.
ADD 600 DC Depositor comes in different modifications specifically for the production of gingerbread (with or without filling), cookies with fillings (oatmeal, butter, shortbread, etc.), or candy (soft toffee, nougat, praline, etc.). It also has the functionality to mold rum ball-like confections. Based on its design variants, ADD 600 DC Double-Hopper Depositor can be equipped with a vertical forming unit, which produces truffle-shaped confections or confections shaped like fingers. You can also install a horizontal forming unit with or without a wire-cut. A general-purpose modification is also available: it comes with replaceable output units and a transfer conveyor.
This modification is designed primarily for the production of candy of various shapes. The shape of candy depends on the nozzle through which the candy mass is extruded, and the length of candy can be programmed via the control panel (the candy mass is wire-cut at programmed intervals). If you want to produce different varieties of gingerbread and you have a tunnel oven, your best choice is a roller double-hopper machine. This modification does not come with a table, instead, it fits to the tunnel oven or rolls on top on wheels. The depositor can also be firmly fit into a specific section of the tunnel oven with a special frame.
General principle of operation
of ADD 600 DC Auger Depositor
The depositing of dough and filling (if necessary) is started via the control panel, then the diaphragm cutting module starts working, continuously moving up and down and performing cutting strokes when lowered. Dough and filling are extruded through the nozzle and are cut with blades into truffle-shaped pieces with the filling sealed inside.
Turning down the speed of the cutting drive results in dough pieces first becoming bigger, and then becoming longer. The oven band runs intermittently, moving for a set interval after a row of dough pieces is deposited and pausing for another row to be deposited.
After the last row is deposited, the band moves until the next tray comes in. When programmed for finger-shaped dough pieces, the band does not pause for the cut but continuously moves at a programmed speed. The speed at which the dough is fed affects the thickness of products, and the speed at which the filling is fed affects its amount in products.

Technical specifications
of ADD 600 DC Auger Depositor
Output, kg/hr.
Hopper capacity, l
Number of deposits in a row, pieces.
Tray width, mm
ADD 600 DC
Up to 370
Up to 650

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