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Auger Dough Depositor ADD 600 2B

ADD 600 2B Auger Double-Hopper Dough Depositor is ideal for:
- butter cookies with and without filling;
- marshmallow with filling, one-color marshmallow without filling, two-colored marshmallow;
- custard cookies;
- sponge cakes and muffins with or without filling (dough without raisins).

Main advantages of ADD 600 2B Depositor:

- high real productivity
- easy-to-use and reliable
- greater product versatility
- affordable price and low maintenance costs
Out of all available cookie baking equipment, ADD 600 2B Double-Hopper Dough Depositor is the most versatile.
This depositor is designed to produce butter cookies
with a filling of jam or dulce de leche.
General principles of operation
of ADD 600 2B Auger Double-Hopper Dough Depositor
The general principle of operation of this depositor is step-by-step feeding of dough and filling from the hoppers. The depositing process is done in four steps, when depositing from the first and the second hopper is done for a set period, with intermittent depositing, and the speed of the rolls in the pressure chamber can also be adjusted. The oven band can change its vertical position and can run continuously for a set interval in either direction.
The nozzles can rotate at a programmed speed both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Combined with high dough and filling feeding capacity, this functionality makes it possible for ADD 600 2B Depositor to produce butter cookies in a wide range of shapes. ADD 600 2B Depositor makes it easy to produce confections with a maximum amount of filling and a minimum amount of dough.
The only limitation in this case is how well the dough can retain water during baking. ADD 600 2B Depositor is equipped with a roller-gear pump, which makes it possible to deposit both soft rich doughs and light pastes without replacing any units.

Technical specifications
of ADD 600 2B Auger Dough Depositor
Output, kg/hr.
Hopper capacity, l
Number of deposits in a row, pieces.
Tray width, mm
ADD 600 2B
Up to 180
Two rows by 50
Up to 660

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