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Auger Dough Depositor ADD 600 1B

ADD 600 1B Auger Double-Hopper Dough Depositor is ideal for:
- butter cookies without fillings;
- cut-out butter cookies;
- éclair and profiterole dough pieces;
- muffins and sponge cakes (in silicone baking molds).

Main advantages of ADD 600 1B Depositor:
- increased production output
- easy to use and maintain
- versatile, producing a wide range of products.
General principle of operation
of ADD 600 1B Depositor
The principle of operation of ADD 600 1B Depositor: dough is put into the hopper, where it is caught by the mixing rollers.
Next, the gearing rolls create pressure and force the dough out of the pressure chamber through nozzles of various shapes onto a baking tray.
The tray can be static (for dome-shaped cookies) or move at different speeds (cookies in the shape of sticks).
At the end of the extrusion of the dough, the oven band with the baking tray is lowered to allow the deposits to break away from the nozzles. Then the tray moves forward to allow for another row of dough pieces to be deposited.

The operating principle of ADD 600 1B Depositor is quite simple. The shapes of dough pieces depend on the nozzles through which the dough is extruded.
Depositing the dough in several stages, ADD 600 1B Depositor allows a wider range of cookies to be produced. This makes it possible to combine several shapes in one dough piece to achieve an assortment of unique shapes of cookies.

ADD 600 1B Depositor can work both as part of a pastry production line and independently. The production process can be done by one person, who will control the depositing parameters and remove and replace baking trays. This is made possible by different modes of tray feeding. They can be fed from the operator to the receiver, or they can return to the beginning of the depositing cycle after the extrusion of the dough. This function, like the rest of the settings, can be changed in the course of operation.
When intended to produce cut cookies, ADD 600 1B Depositor is equipped with a wire-cutting unit (optional). One of the advantages of ADD 600 1B Depositor is its custom-designed pressure chamber that enables the Depositor to produce cookies from different types of dough. It also makes it possible to mold cookies from rich dough, soft shortcake dough, choux pastry, and sponge batter. In addition to its main depositing unit, the single-hopper machine has a special modified roller pressure unit designed for depositing of gummy gingerbread dough, sticky shortbread dough, and dough with particles.
This enables you to produce cookies with raisins, crushed peanuts, seeds, pieces of dried fruit, and other ingredients. ADD 600 1B Depositor is suitable for the production of éclairs and profiteroles.
Its high efficiency pressure unit enables it to achieve an increased output in the production of choux pastry confections. When fitted with a heating element (available modification), it can be used to produce marshmallows.

Technical specifications
of ADD 600 1B Depositor
Output, kg/hr.
Hopper capacity, l
Number of deposits in a row, pieces.
Tray width, mm
ADD 600 1B
Up to 180
Up to 650

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